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Dental services in Palma de Mallorca

What do we do

At Laboratorio Dental Marqués Estades, in Palma de Mallorca, we have a wide variety of high quality dental products and services to meet your needs.

You can know more about each of our products and treatments by clicking on each of them.
Removable dental prostheses.

This type of prosthesis is used to replace missing parts or structures that deteriorate over time, thanks to a buccal appliance carrying artificial teeth, which can be removed at any time for cleaning.

There are several types of removable prostheses for each type of patient:

  • Complete prosthetics.
  • Partial prostheses.
  • Skeletal prostheses.

Fixed dental prostheses

This type of prosthesis is used to replace missing parts in a fixed manner and thus return to the patient an aesthetic and a totally natural appearance, thanks to the application of our knowledge and technical equipment, through the artisanal work of our specialists.
Our laboratory is in constant evolution and applies the most innovative materials and techniques in our sector.

Dental implantology

This type of implants is intended to replace lost pieces, by surgically placing an implant in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

These can be of different sizes, surfaces and materials:
  • Conventional implementation.
  • Implant-supported overdentures.
  • Hybrid bolted.
  • Overdentures by friction (electrodeposition).
  • Prosthesis on implants in zirconium oxide.


Orthodontics is responsible for preventing, diagnosing and correcting their possible alterations in the dental structure, and keeping them within an optimal state of health and harmony, through the use and control of different types of forces.

Our laboratory has all kinds of appliances to get a nice smile.

We offer you a quality and personalized service in Palma de Mallorca. Always taking care of your oral health.

For any other questions, get in touch with us through our "Contact" section, and we will be happy to help you.

Laboratorio Dental Cristóbal Marqués Estades
Laboratorio Dental Cristóbal Marqués Estades

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